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ONESHOT 3D® is the real-time 3D configurator for swimming pool, spa, and every home improvement professionals. This powerful software lets you create high-definition images that give customers an astoundingly realistic view of what their future space will look like.
And with our 3D Designer module, ONESHOT 3D® becomes a robust tool for creating and visualizing designs in real time.

ONESHOT 3D® can also help you deliver winning sales presentations at customer sites and at points of sale, since it runs on laptops, Macs, and tablet computers.

3D Object Library

If your designs use standard products, you can save time by drawing from our expansive 3D object library. If your designs use customized items, we can create the exact 3D objects you need, to your technical specifications and with your look and feel—without sacrificing the exceptional realistic image quality ONESHOT 3D® is known for.

Standard object libraries

Swimming pools

Spas Lighting
Plants & flowers Outdoor furniture
Oneshot lib

Augmented Reality

With ONESHOT 3D®'s augmented reality feature you can add 3D objects to existing photos; the software will automatically adjust for things like scale, ground surface and sun position to render the image as realistic as possible. ONESHOT 3D® is the first business software to offer automatic augmented reality.

Technical Capabilities

Ground detection Sun location
Automatic perspective

Oneshot RA

3D Configuration

ONESHOT 3D® is a next-generation configurator that lets you configure 3D objects down to the very last detail. Your design will come to life instantly and showcase the full range of possibilities that your products can offer.


A selection of colors and materials  Dimension adjustment
Accessories Animation
Oneshot Config

Touch Technology

Developed for tablets, ONESHOT 3D® uses the latest touch technology for optimal ease of use. Rotate, position, tilt, and move objects at the touch of your fingertips.


Simple Quick to use
Oneshot iPad

Realistic Images

ONESHOT 3D® brings the virtual and real worlds together to generate simulations of astonishing quality. Thanks to the software’s revolutionary capacity to produce advanced lighting effects, accurate reflections, and realistic textures, you can project your customer into a seamless virtual environment in just a few minutes.

Special Effects

Ambient lighting checkin1 Reflections
Shadow projections Water effects
High-quality textures
Oneshot realiste

3D Designer

Our 3D Designer module is the ideal tool for designers and sales reps to showcase products like sheds, pergolas, sunrooms, and swimming pools. It lets you draw, join, and assemble objects, and select their dimensions and colors—all in real-time. With 3D Designer, you can craft your customer’s dream environment right before his very eyes, in just a few minutes.


Create projects Add 3D animation
 Factor in manufacturer constraints
Oneshot designer



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OneShot 3D® has proven to be a decisive tool for our dealer network.
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