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Legal information

The website www.pointcube.com was developed by POINTCUBE LTD, headquarters at Martlet House - E1 Yeoman Gate - Worthing - West Sussex - BN13 3QZ - UK, and registered with the Registrar of Companies for England and Wales under number 9779437.

E-mail address
Person responsible for the website 
Eric Skoura

The website is hosted by Infomaniak Network SA, 26 Avenue de la Praille, 1227 Carouge, Geneva, Switzerland.

The website, including its general structure, text, images (including animated images), and all other elements, are the property of POINTCUBE LTD and of POINTCUBE LTD customers that have authorized POINTCUBE LTD to use their data.
Any full or partial representation of the website by any means whatsoever without the express consent of POINTCUBE LTD is forbidden and would constitute an infringement of intellectual property rights.
The POINTCUBE LTD brands and the brands of its partners, as well as the logos appearing on the website, are registered trademarks. Any full or partial reproduction of these brands or logos based on elements obtained from the website without the express authorization of POINTCUBE LTD or an POINTCUBE LTD assignee is forbidden.

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